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We are a small net label and in the future an event agency for electronic sounds online promotion, music productions and many more


Sven Becher

Artist Support


Dj & Performance Live Artist, label owner, learning producer, online promoter Sven Becher.


Latest sounds by SVEN BECHER DJ/Producer

Sven Becher, his name is program. As a child he loved music and made his first mixtapes with casettes and two old cd players. In the many years passed, he expanded his creativity and had lots of names. His music is different but electronical, unique, naughty, impulsive, emotional simply electrifying. After his DJ break he concentrated from the beginning of 2011 with producing his own music. Many of imperfection taken but on that every learned.


In the future I would like to promote talents with my net label. For this, I am looking for new team members. I look forward to many new talents and musical highlights.











Naturalloops for Electronic Music - Elektro house - Dance - Techno - Club - Minimal - Experimental -


We search new talents and team members.


Next Project AAD


AAD for Pop Rock Hip Hop Club and more coming soon.


We search new talents and team members.

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